Wine In tea cups

 “Play is the exultation of the possible.” -Martin Buber

chandeliers and fairy lights, the things that dreams are made of.

I was stuck in a rut for a while, every day as mundane as the next, feeling myself slipping into no-hope-land. It is a dangerous place where dark thought strangle every ray of beauty and hope and you end up in the valley of despair!

While setting up camp in this place, I sat pondering the state of affairs with a piece of chocolate melting in my mouth (the only way to ponder).

It dawned on me, I stopped playing! For almost a year, I have not done any photo shoots, I have not made new things for the shop( a long story for another day). I have not organized anything fun or really faffed. I spend my energy and time being inward focused. All I did was work and be frustrated feeling sorry for myself.

So I went to my friend with the words, “I was thinking”. She dreads these words because it usually means work. But she is a good friend and tolerates me and my ideas and I took the rest of the chocolate. “It was time for a wine in a teacup party in my forest”. The guest list was all our friends who are going through a hard time, for different reasons. You see, as soon as you start to focus on others, then you tend to forget your own woes or to see it in perspective and you get out of no-hope-land.

I scouted out the location, and my dad helped me to start cleaning it. Next, I raided some of my friends’ houses for decor and baked up a storm.

We made a decadent chocolate ring cake, sweet potato and pecan nutcake with orange and cream cheese frosting. Little quiches of feta and spinach, sweet potato caramelized onion and bacon and butternut, rosemary and feta. A big milk tart rounded it all of.

The path to my forest was full of thorn trees, and we needed to take the decor to the spot in a pick-up truck. So we removed about 20 knee high thorn trees the morning of the party.

Setting up was a ball! We dragged carpets tables, chairs and chandeliers to the forest and strung fairy lights for miles. Joking and playing, creating magick for our sundown event.

At 5 pm we met all the guests in their boots and lace ( the dress code for the evening) and took them on a quick walk to the secret location. Their reactions were priceless!

The only information I gave them beforehand, was 2 Whatsapp messages, the first to invite them and the second a week later, with the dress code, what to bring and the address. Only my 2 partners in crime knew the plan and I was so happy they were there to help.

You may ask me why I spend so much time and energy cutting down thorn trees, carrying furniture, raided friends homes for decor and spend hours baking? How did I convince friends to help me set up and to believe in the vision?

The answer… We live in a world where life is hard, some people have lost a lot, others work all the time and some have to fight really hard not to fall into depression. If you are willing, you can make moments of magick and at that moment touch someone’s life.

It is not about the big gestures, it is about caring and investing in people.

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8 thoughts on “Wine In tea cups”

  1. Hi,sounds like so much fun! I need to do this,great idea!…we have a couple of those thorn trees,there just horrible to get rid of…I UNDERSTAND getting down and getting in a rut,sometimes you have to CREATE some fun…tell me more? What did you serve? What all did the girls say? Is this your sewing circle,or students?Tell me more…Have a great day today!

  2. I totally lived vicariously thru this post and the whole party!!! It is a daily battle for me to keep my mind from slipping down the rabbit hole of despair but I seek out and focus of the fun, beautiful, unique and creative things I see around me and online and it is a gift from God that keeps me going with joy. ❤️❤️❤️ Bravo for doing this, Im sure it was indeed a gift for every friend that joined in. xo

  3. Such an amazing gift to your friends as well as to yourself. Sometimes it does us good to focus on others when we ourselves are in the doldrums. Your venue was very beautiful and I would have loved to have personally been there.

  4. Sounds magical. Certainly does wonders for the soul to do something extraordinary like this!!! Your birthday tea was also special!! Love you my friend.

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