Summer Love 2014

I have the most amazing friends!

I have been nagged and prompted for years by them to be brave and have a fashion show where the merit of my clothes will be the foundation, and not to raise money for whatever organisation need my show to draw people, or where my show is the entertainment.

It finally happened!

On a wind still day at the end of November under the trees at a charming venue called Avalon Cottage, my dream was given life.

I had friends doing work parties making invitations and flowers, doing eats,  making tea, taking photos, modelling, doing makeup, laying tables manning the pop-up shop and so much more! They came from all over the country and from overseas, some days in advance to support and help! Words can not describe how blessed I am.

Even with ESKOM (local electricity provider) having load shedding on the day, my amazing friend who was the MC saved the day with her brilliance. Having just the birds singing and the sound of the sea in the background, turned out to be the ambience that was needed.

And then the guests arrived! About 90 of them, there to see my work, and for the first time, the reality struck me. I have a business called AKNITAK CREATIONS;

I am not playing any more with a few friends buying from me, now and again. It is time to start thinking like a businesswoman and realize that I am not a charity. I make stuff to sell, not to give it away. ‘

My Ideas and designs are good and marketable and I need to believe it, because if I don’t, then no one else will. In the process of doing his show, I learned that I need my friends, I can do this on my own, but it is so much more fun doing it with others walking next to me, I need their faith in me, for me to bring forth work that is good.

Look at this lovely bunch of models, MC and photographer!

Trapeze dress with crushed chiffon overdress.

Silk chiffon top
Crushed pants with swing top
doily baby doll  top and cuff pants 
Crushed bloomer pants
frosted cotton pin tuck top with cuff pants 
Prairie top and denim blue drawstring pants.
trapeze dress and fold top

   But most of all, I need my Father in Heaven who gave me the talent,

                     his Son who love me and the Holy Spirit who inspires me.

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