How to finish creative projects.

It is 3 am and creativity stroke again!
Coming up with Ideas are relatively easy for me, but turning them into reality and then to finish them, is a totally different ball game!


A Winter of creativity lost

“In a winter of creativity lost. It is cold and lonely but beautiful and insightful. A place of regrouping, recharging and re-imagining”. Katinka Ponders Here,


A Year of Less

I started this year feeling overwhelmed.There were chaos in my house and to much to do . Because of that I would end up on


New Podcast Episode

28-04-2019 I finally did another podcast, the first one for 2019! It took 13hours 31 minutes to upload and I just remembered why I stopped!


The day the music stopped

Today I am going to tell you a story. One of healing, loss and self-discovery. This story dates back to 2015 but the lessons learned



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