I stopped writing

I had plans to write more, I wrote about writing more in my journal, I even put it in my to-do lists, but alas…!

2020 was a year of many things; lots of adjustments and lots of attitude change. It also included me, stopping reading for most of it. Then I started thinking: if I don’t want to read (not even magazines) then how many others feel like I do and who is left to read my writings?

And so, I pondered, lots, watched all the cabin YouTube videos that I could find, fell down the dark hole of world chaos and was mostly caught up in a washing machine of emotions. I think the major operation to have part of my thyroid removed in February, losing Sinatra at the end of March and family crises in the midst of the word chaos contributed to my aversion to reading and writing.

But by the end of October 2020, things started stirring, I picked up a book and read it! I started enjoying writing in my journal as well as working on posts for this blog. I came to the conclusion that even if no one reads my posts, I am writing for me!

So welcome to my first post for 2021!

PS. My brilliant friend/computer genius and tech-support extraordinaire updated my website, and it is finally time to use it! (You can find her at www.computernoobguru.com

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14 thoughts on “I stopped writing”

  1. Lovely post!! I’m so thrilled you are back at your blogging!🙏🏻❤️
    I, for one, always greatly enjoyed what you shared in photos and thoughts.
    That stunning photo of Bubbles at the end….😻

  2. Been following your lovely IG account but new to your blog. Grateful that you will continue here! Have fallen in love with your beautiful world & heart. Be blessed! Off to explore your prior posts 😊

    1. Oh Leslie, thank you for visiting over here! I love writing and IG did not have space to explore ideas and so on. Their censoring also got to me. So here I can write, post lots of pictures and share more of my world.

  3. So happy that you’ve decided to write again – your words are always good to read and I am looking forward to reading whatever comes next. Subscribed so that I don’t miss out on anything. Love and hugs.

  4. So very glad you are back! Yes, last year was very dark for me as well. But I have made it through and so have you! Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Love, Linda

  5. Oh Katinka! What a wonderful surprise! I thought you had given up blogging… and here you are, posting again!
    I checked your site again today, since I have made the decision to leave IG for good this time, and see if I could find another way to connect with the people I’m interested in in other places other than social media. … You made my day!
    I will certainly visit often here, and also you tube, which is another thing I want to try too, instead of social media (it’s not a “real” social media, isn’t it? So I’m fine with it!!! LOL LOL).
    Sending hugs as for now, I really enjoyed my visit today, and later I will read also your other posts.
    Monica xoxo

    1. So happy to see you visiting over here!
      You are so right, there is not much social in social media.
      I love youtube because I love the medium of vidio storytelling.
      Lots of love

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