I choked on a pickle

Tears were running down my cheeks, my throat was on fire and oxygen was a luxury that I did not have. I was alone and panicking with the retriever and the two cats watching me. And then, at that moment when I thought all was lost, a calmness came over me. I was watching myself choking on a pickle and my brain took over.

I consciously stopped swallowing or trying to breathe and concentrated all my efforts on coughing. The first piece came out and I was able to take a small breath, which helped me to cough the other 3 pieces out.

My brush with death left me pondering my love for pickles. I know, most people will ponder something more significant, but I am a simple person, and, in my life, pickles are important.

This bottle of pickles that almost led to my demise was a gift from a friend. I don’t know how she knew because I do not make my pickle love affair public. But we were making tea at her house, and she casually told me that she got me something and took a big bottle of pickles out of her pantry and handed it to me.  I embraced that bottle like a lost lover, keeping it on my lap while we drank our tea.

Pickles was not something that I grew up with, sometimes they would cross my path at a party, squashed between a piece of cheese and a hot dog sausage on a toothpick. The ultimate betrayal of good cheese in my opinion!

In my teens my tastebuds grew up, my dad would sometimes bring a bottle home and we would eat them as a special treat. My family would do a bulk shop once a month, with 5 kids and more month than money, my parents had to be very frugal. But sometimes when there was a bit extra on the budget, we were allowed to pick something like a slab of chocolate or any other treat. I often would pick a small bottle of pickles and once I got a big bottle because it was on sale and the same price as the small one!  I do not often buy pickles, in my mind they are still a special treat but when I do, they get rationed so it can last as long as possible.

Yesterday, I was irritated with load shedding, tired after finishing a marathon sewing day and fed-up. In that state of mind, I became entitled. “I want something nice to make myself feel better”.  I did not have chocolate but found the pickles and scoffed the first one, then grabbed another one on my way out to a friend. I took a huge bite and chewed it a little bit before I swallowed. I was not paying attention and almost tripped over Pienkie, sprawled out on the cool pavers. This caused me to pull my breath in and the half-chewed pickles landed up in the wrong place.

Sometimes wake up calls happen in life, and this was one of mine.

  • I woke up to the fact that I cannot let irritation and frustration rule my life.
  • I need to be more aware of my environment.
  • I must stop rewarding my bad behaviour with chocolate.
  • A special treat is something to relish and enjoy, not to gobble down.

In future, I will chew my pickles properly and sit down and savour the moment. Joy is in the small moments, and we can miss them if we just rush through life.

I will also take out a napkin like a properly mannered person and maybe use a fork to take the pickle out of the bottle?

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12 thoughts on “I choked on a pickle”

  1. Yikes! That must have been frightening! I’m so happy you were able to take control and calm yourself so you could get the pickles out.
    Your thoughts after are wise and pertinent and something we all should embrace… Thankyou for sharing your experience!
    Warm Regards from Monica ❤️

  2. Oh gosh – I am so thankful that you’re okay. How about enjoying your pickles with a knife and a fork? Just like we enjoy tea ….. we set the stage properly and enjoy it. I think your pickles deserve the same treatment. (((HUGS)))

  3. What a charmingly wise & witty post! I believe I am going to co-opt your thoughts for a scrapbook page, credit given to you & with permission, of course. The Lord has been teaching me some of the same as of late 💕

  4. GAHHH! Bad enough choking on food! It’s worse when it has vinegar in it!! You be careful over there, Miss Katinka! I would have enjoyed that read so much more if I wasn’t “seeing” that picture of you suffering!
    Love ya lots dear friend! ❤️

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