A Winter of creativity lost

"In a winter of creativity lost. It is cold and lonely but beautiful and insightful. A place of regrouping, recharging and reimagining".Katinka Ponders Here, in South Africa, High Veldt- winters are horrible. It is dry, cold, brown and dusty, then by mid day it is the same but hot and late afternoon the early mornings … Continue reading A Winter of creativity lost

New Podcast Episode

28-04-2019 I finally did another podcast, the first one for 2019! It took 13hours 31 minutes to upload and I just remembered why I stopped! https://youtu.be/FqVk6JkkhZw I am talking about what I have been up to, conscious fashion, and how labels create boundaries between people Find me  Instagram: aknitak1katinka, https://www.instagram.com/aknitak1kat...  : aknitakcreate , https://www.instagram.com/aknitakcreate/  Ravelry … Continue reading New Podcast Episode