A Year of Less

I started this year feeling overwhelmed.There were chaos in my house and to much to do . Because of that I would end up on my couch, doing nothing!

Of Course I had to ponder and the pondering brought me to the realization that I needed less.At first I sorted through all my decor. Everything got scrutinized and only the things that brought me joy were left. ( thank you Marie https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Kondo)

Then I opened my wardrobe! There were so much and as I went through it, it hit me that more than 60% was not what I liked or wanted to wear. It was not my style, or the wrong shape, synthetic material or the wrong color.I got ruthless and took everything out that fell in those categories. These I sorted in to heaps with certain friends in mind.I contacted my friends and 3 people walked away with new wardrobes with things that they loved.You see, I fell out of love with my clothes and after this this purge , the things that were left were what I would gravitate towards. I then decided that I would not buy new clothes for 2019 and wear what I have and knit and make what I need. I will only buy something if it is not worth my while making it, or if the made Item is not successful.I was going to document this journey on Instagram but my account kept being hacked and no matter how many times I contacted Instagram, they never came back to me.For that reason I decided to start blogging about this process. Treating it like a diary. At Least this way, I am in control .

I hope to fall in love with my clothes again and to be content with what I have.

This top was made from bark-cloth that a friend send me from America, the pocket was a doily from another friend from Australia. I am wearing an old me-made Bodysuit that I made from a self drafted pattern. Tsonga boots that was a gift from a friend and an old pair of jeans.

And this is me , not very sure if my camera is working! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “A Year of Less”

  1. Love your new top! So lovely. I’m sorry if was not working for you on this yearly project. I need to blog more myself, but Instagram is so convenient to just snap and post. Is the pattern for the too your own? I would love to make me a similar top, but cannot draft patterns as I never learned to do that. Have a great day my friend.

  2. I love this concept of not buying and making what you need. It is so important to love what you wear ❤️😘😘Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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