I choked on a pickle

Tears were running down my cheeks, my throat was on fire and oxygen was a luxury that I did not have. I was alone and panicking with the retriever and the two cats watching me



Have you ever noticed how birdsong increases around spring? That time between daybreak and sunrise is filled with a bird choir reaching a crescendo just


My Monet Morning

This morning I was woken by the birds tuning their instruments, and, for a moment, I held my breath. I love mornings like this; fresh, crisp air, time to slowly potter and to appreciate the beautiful moments that seem to happen when you blink.


Treading Water

20 months of different stages of lockdown, death, natural disasters, seeing the horrible side of mankind, sadness, anger and frustration and the loss of “feeling of normal” left me and many others suffering from collective grief.


I stopped writing

I had plans to write more, I wrote about writing more in my journal, I even put it in my to-do lists, but alas…! 2020



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